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Around 1961, the Florida Archery Association's bowhunter members decided to establish a group or committee to pursue the idea of establishing statewide archery hunting season in Florida. In order to form the committee to pursue this lofty goal, each of the affiliated archery clubs was asked to designate a representative to serve on this committee. The committee made up of these representatives bec...ame known as The Florida Bowhunter's Council.The FBC is an educational entity evolved in teaching and promoting responsible, ethical bowhunting. We are also a legislative watchdog involved in assessing and recommending legislative changes, proposed rule changes and lobbying on behalf of Florida Bowhunter's. The Council contributes to the state and national initiatives through active Director involvement in committee and panels, attendance of FWC meetings, its legislative lobbying and membership or financial contributions to organizations with similar interests. We maintain a database of thousands of members, past members, special interests, Florida bowhunting and their contact information for use in an emergency mobilization in support or opposition of critical bowhunting issues.Our Bowhunter Jamboree has been the main source of fund raising for over 50 years and kicks off our annual membership drive.

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